The AURES Sango is an award winning all-in-one touch screen terminal. designed to free up space beneath your terminal’s touchscreen!

AURES Sango Picture

Space Under The Screen

The Sango’s flat LED touch screen monitor is suspended from its offset cast aluminium arm. This opens space under the screen, that could be used by a dedicated cash drawn, as there is no intrusive base, stand or foot to take over. Plus, the central unit and motherboard are held to the side in a separate polycarbonate housing.

“One product advantage that caught the attention of the voters is the space created under the touchscreen; this was developed in response to a number of our customers who become frustrated at the lack of space at the checkout desk when using a typical EPOS system”. – Cathala, AURES Group SEO and founder.

Here’s an explainer video that shows off the AURES Sango in detail along with many of its optional add ons.

In this video it’s also quite clear to see the kind of space the Sango makes available on your counter top.

Key Features

  • Free space under the screen
  • Ergonomic touch screen – thin, flat, projected capacitive multi-touch panel (PCAP)
  • High quality materials and detailed finishes
  • 4 different types of processors available (among which a fanless i5 version)
  • Fanless EPoS terminal (no ventilation)
  • Multiple connection options
  • Flash Disk SSD
  • Associated peripherals available (options)
  • 7 colours

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Award Winning

Since it’s launch the AURES Sango has won many awards for it’s innovative and outstanding design.

“After the IF Design Awards, Red Dot Award and Observeur du Design label, AURES has now received one of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design’s prestigious Good Design Awards for its outstandingly designed Sango EPOS terminal.” – AURES Blog (30th Dec 2014).


  • IF Product Design Awards
  • Red Dot 2013
  • Good Design Awards
  • TOP Produkt Handel 2013
  • Innovation Preis-IT “Best of 2013” (the “Best of 2013” IT Innovation Prize)

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If you’d like to discuss adding a Sango to your retail technology solution please contact us by either calling 01924 260020 or use the contact us form.