An EPoS system is a real boon to a restaurant or café; it’s simple to install and the whole system can be in place with the minimum of disruption to your business. Training you and your staff to use your new system won’t take long either, as EPoS systems are made especially to be simple to use, even for people with no prior computer experience. Actually, nowadays EPoS systems are so simple that are usually far less complicated than your average mobile phone!

If you run a restaurant you can opt for an EPoS system with software optimised for restaurants, which has been tailor made for your type of business, and it will help you in many ways… Moreover, you can ask for further adjustments so that your new EPoS system covers all your specific business needs. The following are just a few features of an EPoS system for hospitality.


The system will help you take bookings, and it can also hold a reserve list. It will help you to best manage your tables, so as to ensure the best seating arrangements and maximum efficiency. At the end of the day, using an EPoS system for table arrangements guarantees that you make the most of the available space without having clients complaining about feeling like packed sardines…

Order taking

Electronic order pads are the latest technology in hospitality EPoS and can be easily added on to your system. These pads are wireless and your waiting staff can always carry them on them in order to take the customers’ orders. This feature offers a lot of benefits, as the menu items are picked from a list, rather than written down, helping to eliminate mistakes due to errors reading handwriting. The system can also make helpful suggestions for the waiting staff that can also help you boost your sales, such as recommending a wine to go with the dish a customer has selected. No longer will your staff need specific sommelier training to know exactly which wine best complements each dish you serve. After an order has been taken it is then transmitted directly to a screen in the kitchen at the touch of a button. Wave goodbye to yelling waiters and to lost or misheard orders… With an EPoS system in your restaurant, there are no slips of paper to remain forgotten in a waiter’s pocket, or to fall from the order board in the kitchen. There will also be no problems with knowing which orders came in first and how long each table has been waiting. The system cuts down on the staff time wasted walking to and from the kitchen with orders as well; as the orders are transmitted instantaneously, customer waiting times are reduced significantly leaving customers happy, but also cutting down on the time they spend in your restaurant, leaving you tables free to fill with more paying customers! For any restaurant, being able to offer high quality services to its clients means creating a loyal client base and increasing its profits.

Stock taking

With an EPoS system you’ll never have to tell a customer that their dish of choice isn’t available because you’ve run out of a key ingredient. The system will monitor stock levels closely and alert you when you’re running low on anything. At the end of the day, the system will report on sales, most popular dishes or the most profitable ones but it will also provide a list of items that have run out of stock and need reordering… or it can do it on its own, as long as you ask!

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