If you’re an independent retailer you’re probably aware that it can be hard work. It involves long hours but it’s also extremely rewarding knowing that you’re running your own business. With an RCS Electronic Point of Sale system you can make your business much more profitable and a lot more productive.

With an EPoS system you have the ability to transform your traditional cash register into an extremely powerful tool as you are able to manage stock and orders efficiently and easily. Your EPoS system will know everything relating to your business. It tells you as soon as your stock is running low, and can even suggest alternatives to your customers. The system is incredibly easy to use, so will be simple for staff to get up to speed

An EPOS system can help you run huge range of promotions, offers and customer loyalty schemes which you can implement with ease and simplicity.

Your system will also manage your accounts and provide detailed transaction reports. VAT reports can easily be created for each financial period, and can be integrates in to accounting software packages too.

Adding an EPoS system to your business will make your life easier. You can save time which is a precious asset if you’re an independent retailer. You’ll be able to grow your business rather than struggling to stay on top of it. Just sit back and watch your profits grow whilst taking advantage of advanced reports which while analyse your sales and transactions.

Your staff will be happier carrying out their job roles as many complexities will be taken away from them. There’s no need for them to remember ever single offer and promotion that is running. EPoS systems will advise your staff on how to best serve your customers and they will leave your shop feeling like they’ve had a great experience.