Following hot on the rumours of an Apple mobile point of sale system, Amazon plans to offer brick-and-motor retailers a checkout system that uses Kindle Tablets. The Wall Street Journal reports that such a project would not only grant Amazon a presence in the physical world but also access to even more consumer spending habits. This would further solidify their position as the largest U.S. eCommerce merchant.

However, it might not be as smooth an operation as Amazon would hope for. Square, the leaders of the ‘mPOS revolution’, have struggled to gain any real trust or traction from big retailers despite signing a contract with Starbucks in 2012. This is partly down to the cost and employee re-training required to switch away from a traditional point of sale system. Plus, pure mPOS systems have yet to offer the full functionality of their more experienced cousins.

Finally, Amazon has virtually no experience in brick-and-mortar retailing. So when you rely on a point of sale system to handle all of your customer payments, accounts and stock management surely you’d feel safer knowing your supplier has over 25 years’ experience serving retailers large and small? You can call RCS to discuss your retail needs and for a free consultation on 01924 260020.