Much like the rest of 2020, this Christmas will be like none in recent memory. With the country now in recession and the coronavirus pandemic still restricting many aspects of peoples’ lives, do you feel ready to take on the ‘Golden quarter.’

Preparation is key and with your eye on the goal here are a few tips we’ve picked up on:

  • Make your business and website attractive to customers. Who doesn’t like to see a Christmas display or an inviting festive page to draw them in!
  • With online sales booming through the pandemic and an online presence would be recommended. With other attractive offerings such as Click & Collect or Deliveries.
  • Reduce cues and help keep within government guidance for social distancing by introducing tablet based point of sale solutions.
  • Do you have enough staff to cover demand? Does your current system have the ability to manage Time & Attendance correctly? Giving you peace of mind knowing logins, holidays and work schedules are managed correctly. Allowing more time to concentrate on other areas of your business.
  • Displayed gift ideas to help those on a budget. We have to remember in such uncertain times individual situations will differ greatly. There needs to be an offering for all.
  • Advertise your products through a series of marketing campaigns.
  • Are you holding a Christmas event? With current government restrictions in place maybe an online event would be better. Offer a loyalty scheme and prizes to your loyal customer base. Or even a virtual Santa.
  • Does your shop opening times need to be altered to make shopping in your store accessible to everyone.
  • Make sure your Retail system is up to the job. RCS has all the features needed to bring your Retail outlet ready to take on the ‘Golden quarter.’

Contact our team today and see how we can improve, upgrade any missing features before Christmas.

In the words of Bob Phibbs  “ These are by no means all the things you need to pay attention to – but address them now and you’ll find you won’t perspire so much during the holidays.”

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We’d like to take this time to wish both you and your staff a safe and profitable festive period.