If you manage a butchers, a garden centre or the “fresh section” in a supermarket then you probably can’t imagine your daily routine without the use of a weighing scale. Here are 8 reasons why this scale should be an Avery Berkel one and why the Avery Berkel weighing scales are considered to be one of the best retail brands in the market!

1. They can easily be integrated with the RCS EPoS systems and be connected to the EPoS cash registers, providing a total, one-stop EPoS solution for your retail (or wholesale) business. Pricing and selling a product has never been easier, since with the Avery Berkel weighing scales there is no need for price embedded barcodes.

2. They are amongst the most accurate and fast-responding weighing scales out there, thanks to their Vibrating Beam Digital Load Cell technology. In fact, the Avery Berkel scales feature functions such as retained or semi-self-cancelling making it even easier for any employee, no matter how tech-savvy he is, to weigh the exact quantity he wishes to without worrying about the packaging weight for example.

3. If it is a butchers or a deli shop you are running, then being able to offer quick and impeccable services to customers that move from one part of the counter to another is a major part of your daily routine. Avery weigh scales give you the opportunity to store each weighing coming from the same sales person, so that when the customer is ready to check-out the total amount of his purchases is displayed on the EPoS till.

4. All the necessary information is conveniently displayed on an Avery weighing scale, without having to press numerous buttons or perform complicated tasks. As soon as a product is placed on it, the digital indications show its weight, the cost per unit and the total price.

5. Avery Berkel weighing scales come with highly configurable displays, making it so easy for the end user to choose amongst a variety of display options, from Integral Weight only or Scale Attached Column Mounted Weight only to Remote Price Computing or Remote Column Mounted Price Computing, depending on his needs.

6. Linking remote displays with each other will never take up more than a few minutes of your time, since it’s easy to interconnect four single-sided or two double-sided displays!

7. When using Avery Berkel weighing scales, you can be sure that measurements are correct and accurate at all times, since they meet the compliance requirements for Electro-Magnetic Interference and Emissions.

8. If you integrate one or multiple Avery Berkel weighing scale(s) with your business you will never have to worry about running out of energy! These weighing scales can be powered via a variety of energy sources, including a rechargeable battery pack or a data connection to the EPoS system.

For additional information on Avery Berkel weighing scales and the RCS EPoS hardware solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website – https://rcs-uk.com/.