The M1 is a second home to me.

I don’t have the “feeling of freedom” that some drivers get when shifting down a gear to power onto the motorway.

For me it’s a sense of familiarity, a returning home.

You see I spend most of my week traveling up and down the country visiting business owners. Many of these journeys begin with a friendly phone call perhaps a week, a month or even a year earlier. Then we arrange a suitable time to visit the premises and my journey down the M1 is scheduled.

I work with business owners, like you, to ensure our retail system will operate in the way you need it to. Every business operates differently so being able to see the premises and day to day operation really helps when planning the system. So here are the usual events that take place when you talk to me.

Step 1 – We speak on the phone

Either you’ve already called for more information or we’ve arranged a time to talk. This is a friendly getting to know you call where I’ll ask you about your business, how many sites you have and how many tills you’ll need. Also feel free to ask any initial questions you have.

Step 2 – I visit your premises for a demonstration

Should you like what you hear on the phone then we can arrange a suitable time for me to visit your premises. The reason for visiting your premises is that it not only gives you the opportunity for a full demonstration of the retail system but I can offer advice and recommendations on where to place the point of sale. On my visit I’ll bring a touch screen terminal that has all of the software on it for the demonstration.

Step 3 – I send you a proposal and quote

So I’ve now seen your premises, you’ve had a demonstration of our Premier EPoS System and are interested in moving forward. At this point we’ve spoken about the technology your business needs and now I’ll put that into a proposal. Along with the proposal you’ll also receive a quote which tells you how much the system will cost and a break down all of the costs.

Step 4 – You return the quote and we begin building your system

When you’re happy with the proposal and the cost of the system all you need to do is sign the quote and return it to me. I’ll then place the hardware orders and get our engineers to build the system for you, or write bespoke software if that’s what you’ve ordered. When you’re buying a new retail system you need to bear in mind that certain parts of the system take time to process, such as the chip & pin, but I’ll explain this when I visit you.

Step 5 – The EPoS system is installed and we train you how to use it

The last step in buying an EPoS system is the installation and training. Once these elements have been done you’ll be ready to serve customers, manage your stock levels and perform many of the other functions that come with our retail system. To install the system we’ll send one of our engineers out to your site and they will set everything up, do any final configurations and then begin to train you and your key members of staff.

Note: we recommend that you learn how to use the system and train all staff as we’ve had customers who only trained their cashiers. Then a year or two later the cashiers got another job and no one knew how to properly operate the system.

If you’d like to talk about how we can serve you and schedule a visit to your premises then give me a call on 01924 260020 or email me. However, if you’re not yet ready to discuss a retail system we provide a lot of free education via our email list.

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