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RCS are a proud supplier of Bizerba Weighing Scales, one of the leading brands in weighing scales in the modern market; what’s more, Bizerba scales can be fully integrated with the RCS Retail Technology Solution.

RCS have designed total solutions for the retail sector since 1989; for the last 24 years we’ve been developing innovative EPoS software solutions for retailers and wholesalers in the UK and abroad and offering them the latest EPoS hardware. We are experts in developing bespoke retail systems for supermarkets, delis, restaurants, butcheries and many more and we are hardware independent, providing our customers with state of the art hardware solutions by leading international companies.

If you run a butchery (either in retail or wholesale), a deli or a supermarket, then weighing scales are the linchpin of your daily routine and play a vital role to your business’s success. Accurate weighing, quick response and label printing are only a few characteristics amongst many that you have to take into consideration before deciding which and how many weighing scales to integrate with your business. Find below some of the most important reasons why Bizerba scales are a perfect solution for both food and non-food industries!

Here’s why you should integrate Bizerba scales.

1. They offer a wide range of products:

Whether you are the manager of an established company or looking for a successful business start-up, Bizerba has the right solution for you! From stand-alone weighing scales to multimedia and EPoS scales that can be connected with cash registers and other peripheral devices, Bizerba offers a wide range of robust weighing scales to suit your business needs.

2. They are multifunctional:

Depending on whether you plan on using weighing scales as part of your services at the counter or offering self-service point of sale to your clients, you can choose the right Bizerba weigh scale for the job.

3. They are user friendly:

Mistakes are human, sure, but it’s not easy to make one when operating a Bizerba scale. Bizerba K-class scales are state of the art Touch screen scales, whereas the BCII series gives you the option to choose between foil and tactile keyboards; Bizerba keyboards feature colour key pictograms and clear article designations, making their operators’ work a lot easier. In addition, they have a flexible layout that can be easily customised to suit your requirements. RCS are a leading supplier of Touch Screen EPoS and you can easily integrate Bizerba scales with all our Touch Screen EPoS solutions.

4. More than just a weighing scale:

Our EPoS systems help you gain access to and process valuable sales data, thanks to the detailed reports that they generate. Bizerba weigh scales can also be a part of this procedure as, apart from providing accurate weighings, they can also provide you with printed reports, which include daily updates on PLU, operators, product groups and total sales.Bizerba Weighing Scale 300

5. They are label printers as well:

Instead of buying printers and label printers separately, Bizerba scales can also serve as label or ticket printers! It’s really easy to switch functions between label and ticket printing and at the same time you can print quickly and effortlessly product labels, tickets and adhesive tickets of impressive quality.

6. Data entry becomes a joy:

Bizerba’s user friendly keyboards really come in handy when it comes to entering and storing details regarding your products (basic price/unit price, product description, shelf-life, barcode etc.). When the scales are connected with one or more computers via a network, entering new data into your PC results into automatic updates of the data on the weighing scale(s) as well.

7. They are energy efficient:

Bizerba are pioneers in building products that are energy efficient, which is why their weighing scales come fitted with energy-saving components as a standard. What’s more, you can opt for integrating lithium-ion battery technology with your weighing scales, a feature that can be really useful if you are in the mobile trade or power fluctuations are frequent in your area.

8. Modern design, effortless maintenance:

Bizerba designers put all their energy into designing modern products that will add a touch of luxury to your working environment but, at the same time, won’t sacrifice practicality over looks… If you run a butchery or a deli you’ll be excited to find out that cleaning a Bizerba scale doesn’t take up more than a few minutes of your time!

9. They leave no room for doubt:

Bizerba’s LCD, high-resolution displays for both the operators and the customers leave no room for doubt, as they display information on each weighed unit – you can even choose to include short advertising texts as well!

10. Bizerba offers only cutting-edge technology:

This is a company that invests 9% of their annual worldwide revenue in research and development of new products. When you integrate Bizerba solutions with your business, you are definitely getting the best of what’s out there.

Bizerba Video Testimonials

Watch this short video about the Fine Lady Bakeries case study to find out more about Bizerba weighing scales and why they might be exactly what you need for a successful startup!

Bizerba & the Fine Lady Bakeries Case Study

RCS Technology integrates with Bizerba.

RCS provide businesses in Yorkshire, nationwide and abroad with the latest EPoS software and hardware solutions.  Whether you own a local deli or butchery or manage a retail multinational chain, your business can benefit from our Total EPoS systems. So why not contact the friendly RCS team to find out more about what we can offer you or watch this short video to get a better idea!

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