Your Business Can Benefit from the RCS Customer Loyalty And Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Whether you run a small business or a multi-chain one, Customer Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management Systems can boost your sales and help you expand your customer base. The UK Gift Card & Voucher Association reports that only in the UK the gift card and voucher market is worth around £4 billion per year*. At the same time, a gift card user ends up spending an average extra 20% on top of his gift card value**. So, if your business doesn’t use a Customer Loyalty Programme to reward your clients or a Customer Relationship Management System to manage your relationships with them and run effective promotions, you are probably missing a great opportunity to increase your profits.

RCS, the leading provider of Total EPoS solutions in the UK since 1989, offer you the opportunity to install a tailored to your needs, integrated EPoS system and Customer Loyalty & CRM programme. With the Customer Loyalty programme any sales assistant can create an account for a client as soon as he makes a purchase. Only a few details are required at first and then your customer service or sales department can contact the client at a later date in order to complete the registration or make him a special offer. Just by using a simple swipe card or by giving his name and post code, every purchase made by a client who is registered in the RCS Customer Loyalty Programme goes through the EPoS system directly to the Customer Loyalty system. You can reward your customers by running a “collect points” programme or by offering free gift cards and vouchers.

The RCS CRM system allows you to identify and analyse your customers’ buying habits and spending patterns in order to design and run more efficient marketing campaigns. By being able to monitor your clients’ consuming habits you can motivate them to spend more on your products and increase your profits. With the RCS system you can set up personalised Customer Profiles and collect data regarding each client and his spending patterns; you can gain valuable information based on his previous purchases or favourite products, for example. Using the data provided by the system, you can spot your clientele’s buying habits, divide your customers into groups, depending on their age or their habits, and run promotions and campaigns that are addressed to a specific group.

There is no doubt that modern retail businesses need the latest CRM and Customer Loyalty systems in order to maintain high levels of satisfaction amongst their clients and increase their profitability. RCS offer a unique total EPoS and Customer Loyalty & CRM solution that will help you run your business smoothly. If you want to find out more about us and our integrated EPoS solutions, you can contact RCS today or visit our website –



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