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Security Requirements in EPoS Systems

Ask yourself a simple question... What security requirements do you need in your point of sale system? Do you want staff to have access to all areas of the system? Or, do you want to restrict specific areas to managers only? Most of our customers like to divide access into different security levels. For example, it’s likely that a general manager will have access to all areas of the system. Supervisors will need access to void errors and mistakes, and they will need to be ... Read more

Subway hacked by their point of sale supplier

In 2012 It was revealed that US Subway chains had been hacked by Romanian hackers who stole $10 million. Then earlier in 2013 news broke that they had been hacked again, but this time by their Point of Sale provider. Venturebeat reported that Shahin Abdollahi ran an entire point of sale system business and sold many of them to Subway. However, what he didn’t inform Subway was that he had installed a back door program onto the point of sale systems. This ... Read more

Protect your business against data breach

Security of point-of-sale systems is a challenging issue for every retail business. A recent survey showed that the retail industry alone made up 45% of data breach investigations in 2012, the highest ever in retail history! And even though you might think big businesses would be key targets small businesses are in fact more vulnerable since they tend to have weaker computer systems and therefore get targeted by hackers more often. So, if you own a small business and thought that hiring an ... Read more

Using Handheld Devices

In large restaurant/bar chains owners and managers have identified that the longer an employee is away from a customer the less interaction they have, and the less they are selling. There's an increase in labour costs, because your employees are spending more time doing a job than they need to. This is why many bars/restaurants decide to utilise hand held devices. Your staff can take orders at the customer's table, the order is then sent straight to the kitchen printer, where the ... Read more