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What is a customer loyalty scheme?

A customer loyalty scheme is a marketing program that rewards customers for their brand loyalty.

Wikipedia describes a Loyalty Program as “structured marketing strategies designed to encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of businesses associated with each program.” (Loyalty Program, Wikipedia)

In other words the goal is customer retention to increase the lifetime value of a customer. It is expected this will increase profit for the business.

What is a customer loyalty card?

These are plastic or paper cards very similar to a credit card, debit card or similar membership card. Typically they have a barcode or magnetic strip that will allow a point of sale system to scan the card when a purchase has been made.

12 Great Loyalty Card Template Designs

12 Great Loyalty Card Template Designs Great design matters to your business, because design is part of how customers experience your brand; and according to Adriana Marin, a graphic designer at Shutterstock, "People have [feelings] about your company based on the experiences that they have had with a brand," (Design for Small Businesses) With that in mind we've built a collection of great loyalty card templates to use in your shop, restaurant or cafe. Because the main goal of a successful loyalty scheme is ... Read more

Loyalty Ladder: How To Turn Prospects Into Advocates

The end goal of any customer loyalty program is to find a customer who loves your brand enough they repeatedly buy from you and share your business with others via word of mouth. However, this might seem like a dark maze to you. One that isn't clear where to go. That's why the loyalty ladder helps you climb above the maze to see where you need to take your customer. (more…) Read more

This is one way to keep customers returning to your shop

Offering a customer loyalty scheme is the perfect way to get customers returning through your door on a regular basis and the great thing about loyalty schemes is that they can be applied to any business sector. So it doesn't matter if you run a 1 till convenience store or a chain of Garden Centres with multiple tills - a loyalty scheme will work in your business. (more…) Read more

Customer Loyalty: How to position your restaurant for repeat business

Long gone are the days when a family would visit their ‘local’ restaurant every time they want to eat out. Today's diner first decides 'what' they want to eat which then dictates 'where' they will eat. So you need to be smarter in the way you keep customer's loyalty. They key thing for your restaurant is to be the ‘where’ that someone thinks of when they want to eat your type of speciality food. My Pizza Obsession  ... Read more

Customer Loyalty Features in EPoS Systems

Customer loyalty is very important in today’s retail because it helps to retain customers, get them back, have them spend more money and therefore increase your revenue. At the end of the day profit is why you run your business!   With RCS EPoS Systems you're able to set up individual customer profiles where you can store their details and personal information.   If you wanted to you could issue your customer a ‘loyalty card’ and you can even set up credit limits for your ... Read more