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Replenishment Economy: Here’s what the experts think.

"most of the items we purchase and consume on a day-to-day basis require no shopper consideration or inspection whatsoever. In fact, it’s conservative to say that at least 50 percent of the items in the center aisles of a grocery store are products purchased almost entirely on a replenishment basis; items like sugar, flour, frozen vegetables, detergent, tissue paper etc." - Doug Stephens, Welcome To The Replenishment Economy (more…) Read more

Bored of pushing your trolley? The wi-GO shopping trolley will follow you. Everywhere!

Like many people Luis de Matos, from the University of Beira Interior in Portugal, buys his food from a supermarket. However, there is one major issue he faces every time: “How do you pull, or push, a shopping cart around while in a wheelchair?” Sure, many supermarkets and shopping centres provide mobility scooters for disabled shoppers, but the difficulty with these is that a wheelchair user has to climb out of their wheelchair and onto the mobility scooter in order to use it. ... Read more

Tesco go further in their quest for a virtual store

Last month I reported on the virtual subway store from Tesco. This month they’ve add more to their arsenal of innovation in the supermarket war. Rather than taking snapshots of food while waiting for the subway you’ll soon be able to ‘walk’ around a virtual supermarket thanks to Facebook’s Oculus Rift. Figure Digital have released a concept video showing what this might look like. However, Tesco are not only relying on these breakthroughs to bring its store of the future into reality. In ... Read more

Have you seen Tesco’s virtual subway store?…It’s in Korea!!

  Imagine all of your grocery shopping can be done while waiting for the train or bus on your way to work. It would save you the long trips to the supermarket and waiting in queues at the checkout. Added to that, if you order before 13:00, it will be delivered for when you get home that evening. This is the kind of supermarket experience Tesco wanted for busy South Korean customers at its HomePlus chain of stores. The premise is simple, buy billboard ... Read more

If you’re in London on the 11th & 12th March 2014 come and talk to us

Continuing the celebration of our 25th year in business Retail Computer Solutions will be exhibiting at The Retail Business Technology Expo. You’ll be able to find us at stand 268 and we’ll also be showcasing the new design for our exhibition stand along with our retail system. If you have any questions about retail technology then this is a great opportunity to speak with our retail team in a relaxed and open environment. Whether you have a question about our system, what kind ... Read more

On Display: The future of retail according to shoppers

Despite globally embracing online retail, shoppers still believe there will be room for their favourite brick-and-mortar shops in the future. In fact, a new survey reveals shoppers are ready for a more integrated omnichannel experience where they can interact with their favourite brands and businesses offline, online and on the go. They want to have the same brand experience where ever they interact with you and they want it to be personalised. Here's an infographic about the future of retail according to ... Read more