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Digipos is a manufacturer of hardware for point of sale systems.

They produce a range of fanless, bevel free touch screen terminals including the a100, a500 and our terminal of choice the Digipos a300. What makes the Digipos touch screen such an attractive choice is its robust and flexible design. The screen can be mounted on a pole or free standing and there are a number of colour options available..

Their hardware can be seen in:


99p Store

And various other retail outlets around the country.


Digipos a300
The a300 is Retail Computer Solutions Digipos terminal of choice. We use this model because it strikes the perfect balance between the a100’s affordability and the a500’s computing power.

This means you receive a powerful touch screen terminal that’s affordable.

Also, the bevel free design allows the touch screen to be wiped clean as there is no lip for dirt or food to hide in. Making it perfect for butchers, bakers or other food production areas.

Additional information

Digipos is part of the Omnico Group who have spent the last 25 years helping global retail brands with their customer experience.

If you’re looking for a Digipos powered Point of Sale system then you can call RCS on 01924 260020.

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