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Protect your business against data breach

Security of point-of-sale systems is a challenging issue for every retail business. A recent survey showed that the retail industry alone made up 45% of data breach investigations in 2012, the highest ever in retail history! And even though you might think big businesses would be key targets small businesses are in fact more vulnerable since they tend to have weaker computer systems and therefore get targeted by hackers more often. So, if you own a small business and thought that hiring an ... Read more

How to Use Point of Sale Data

An RCS point of sale system will collect a HUGE amount of data about your business, and this data can prove to be priceless when it comes down to making big business decisions that could benefit you and your profit margin - greatly! It's not really about how much data you can collect, it’s more about what questions can you answer with that type of data. Questions like 'Do you have enough stock on hand or on order based on your sales ... Read more