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Delivery delays can make you more popular with your customers. But, you need to know how.

There’s something stupid about delivery delays. We’ve all been there. Sat at home, waiting. Hoping the delivery van will arrive early so you don’t have to sit around until 9pm. But, it’s infuriating to find out your order won’t be delivered on time - especially if you've taken time off work. Or maybe it’s not even a product your waiting for. Imagine that you’ve planned a family lunch out at your favourite restaurant. You’ve been excited for this all week but you turn up to discover ... Read more

How an EPoS System Can Make Stock Management Easy

One of the main tasks in a retail store manager’s daily routine is stock management. Ordering and stocking the right products, in the right quantity and place, has an impact on your business’s success; stock less or more than what you actually need and you may end up losing thousands of pounds. Customers are always looking for retailers that offer great products and services at the right prices. That means that if their favourite products are frequently “out of stock” in your store ... Read more

How to hide bad reviews online

Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google+ Local, Urbanspoon, Twitter, Facebook… There are hundreds of review sites where grumpy customers can leave bad reviews about your business, justified or not . As a business owner your livelihood rests upon getting paying customers through the door of your business and reputation plays a large part in that. Unfortunately, once a bad review has been posted to one of these sites there is very little you can do to have it removed. The only sure way to hide ... Read more

Customer Loyalty: How to position your restaurant for repeat business

Long gone are the days when a family would visit their ‘local’ restaurant every time they want to eat out. Today's diner first decides 'what' they want to eat which then dictates 'where' they will eat. So you need to be smarter in the way you keep customer's loyalty. They key thing for your restaurant is to be the ‘where’ that someone thinks of when they want to eat your type of speciality food. My Pizza Obsession  ... Read more

How an EPoS System can help you Manage Relationships with your Customers

High levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction are at the epicentre of every successful retailer’s activities. By choosing an RCS EPoS system this task can be much easier than it used to since the Customer Loyalty and CRM system interfaces into our EPoS system. Long gone are those days when a neighbourhood’s retail store manager would greet his customers personally; nowadays large retail stores with thousands of visitors daily almost monopolise consumers’ attention. There are ways though to make your clients feel ... Read more

Checking Stock for Customers

Have you ever visited a shop and wanted to check their stock for a certain item? There really is a huge difference between a business that has the capability to type a few details into a computer which can then tell you exactly what products they have in store, what products they have in other branches than to those who have to run to the stock room and physically search through the shelves, call around different stores to find out if ... Read more

RCS Customer Care

Nothing is ever too much bother. We take the time and interest to learn what your requirements are and sort out any problems quickly and professionally. A dedicated team of RCS Customer Care specialists, based in our UK office, are responsible for managing each customer’s support request. With the permission of the customer, the RCS Customer Care team have the ability to access the customers “Electronic Point of Sale” in order to assist with providing a prompt response to queries. Customer care standards, which ... Read more