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How to increase your Christmas Profit

A day of rest is coming. Tomorrow it's Christmas Eve. That means after today there's only one day left for people to buy their very, very last minute Christmas presents. Then you can relax for a day with friends and family. But, before you enjoy Christmas day there is still time to prepare for extra sales, especially those that will come after. Here are some ideas. Things are now hectic for many shoppers. Especially for the many men who leave their shopping to the last minute ... Read more

When do most people start shopping for Christmas?

This infographic from Yesmail Interactive shows which months people start shopping for Christmas along with how much they're planning to spend and on whom. (more…) Read more

Christmas adverts: When do they start? (with videos)

2014's Christmas adverts start this weekend! Here are the list of retailer's and their advert start date that we know about. (more…) Read more

The great list of Christmas advice for retailers. Over 20 articles!

Get ready for Christmas This article is here to provide you with great Christmas advice for retail. We've collected over 20 great articles from across a number of different websites. So take a look below, click on a link and have a read. (more…) Read more

The essential elements of the ugly Christmas jumper

If you're selling traditional Ugly Christmas Jumpers this year then it's worth noting the essential elements that your jumpers should include. You can also see some rather interesting fast facts about these traditional jumpers. For example 2001 Ugly Christmas Jumper parties began to trend in 2012. Also the average 'picker' makes a 200-500% mark up on Christmas Jumpers they buy from charity stores and resell online. Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.   Read more

Gift Cards – It’s Time for Redemption

I'm here to provide you with some advice about those gift cards that you may have received at Christmas. Yes folks, it’s time for redemption! If you sent gift cards at Christmas it may be interesting to drop a friendly e-mail asking "Have you used the gift card I got you" to see what the response is. If you've got a gift card lying about in the drawer at home, you should check the expiry date and really consider spending it. According ... Read more

EPOS Systems the Secret Behind Your Holiday Shopping Experience

You're shopping trying to get all the presents off your list as quickly and efficiently as possible. With each stop you make, whether you are checking out of a restaurant or your favorite shop at the shopping centre, you're experiencing the convenience and simplicity of EPoS systems. Electronic point of sale is now the expectation of most consumers and without it's many benefits the shopping experience seems like something out of an old movie. We expect price check, inventory and many other ... Read more