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This article is a case study.

EPoS Systems for Retail Outlets – The Yorkshire Linen Company Case Study

Many successful businesses -or should I say “most”- started off as a local store or as a story of two friends dreaming big and rocketed thanks to their unique proposition and good services. The Yorkshire Linen Company is one of those retail stories. It set off as a small shop in Halifax back in 1993 and soon grew, thanks to its reputation for quality and value for money products as well as for excellent service. Nowadays The Yorkshire Linen Co. is ... Read more

RCS EPoS Systems for Supermarkets – The Roys of Wroxham Case Study

If you’ve ever been to Norfolk or Suffolk you can’t have missed it; Roys of Wroxham is the world’s largest village store and offers you a unique and amazing shopping experience. Roys of Wroxham are an independent, family owned company and a truly mixed retail supermarket business that operates in the food, fashion, DIY and toy sectors. With 1,000 members of staff and 2 distribution centres supplying 14 retail outlets, Roys needed an integrated EPoS solution in order to manage their ... Read more

EPoS Systems for Delicatessens – The “Melrose and Morgan” Case Study

It’s always nice to discover a local deli that offers its customers a warm corner to enjoy a tasty lunch. Melrose and Morgan offer much more than this; they are an original, independent grocery shop and kitchen and they serve seasonal, tasty dishes hand-prepared with fresh and top-quality ingredients. To be able to come across a hospitable place like theirs, right in the heart of London, is a godsend gift to every Londoner. Melrose and Morgan’s success relies on offering visitors ... Read more

Another Retail Customers Review’s Our EPoS Systems

“One of the advantages that we've found with the RCS EPoS systems is that we've got a much better global overview of our stock holding, what know what we've got, whether its selling, where we need to repeat replace and replenish and if there's any problem areas. We've changed our buying patterns quite a lot, this industry is based a lot on forward ordering, but give the current economic climate we're not backing as much stock forward as we used to, so ... Read more