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Bizerba is a worldwide leading specialist in industrial weighing and labeling technologies.

The company was founded by the Bizer brothers in Balingen, Germany during 1866.

If you’re interested in buying a Bizerba Scale then please contact us as we are a Bizerba supplier. Added to that our retail technology solution fully integrates with Bizerba Weighing Scales to provide you with a complete solution and minimise human error.

Food Production Software
We also have our own food production software for Butchers and Bakers that integrates with Bizerba Scales.

Bizerba Articles

Here you can find a number of articles relating to Bizerba and using their scales in your business.

Avery and Bizerba weighing scales

Complete Weighing Scales for all your retail EPoS requirements If you own or run a retail outlet and have a requirement to weigh goods at the point of sale then you will no doubt require a weighing scale. There are two trusted hardware brands on the market right now; Avery and Bizerba and these two manufacturers are renowned for delivering high quality, durable and reliable scales to clients of all sizes. Weighing scales really can help make your retail operation more ... Read more

10 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Bizerba Weighing Scales with Your Business

RCS are a proud supplier of Bizerba Weighing Scales, one of the leading brands in weighing scales in the modern market; what’s more, Bizerba scales can be fully integrated with the RCS Retail Technology Solution. RCS have designed total solutions for the retail sector since 1989; for the last 24 years we’ve been developing innovative EPoS software solutions for retailers and wholesalers in the UK and abroad and offering them the latest EPoS hardware. We are experts in developing bespoke retail systems ... Read more

The Advantages of Bizerba Weighing Scales

Bizerba weigh scales provide perfect weighing performance encompassing a wide range of weights. These scales come with a high performance processor which uses the latest communications technology as well as offering the highest level of flexibility. Bizerba scales come in a range of models that can be tailored to suit a business’s specific requirements and these high quality scales have the ability to measure small product quantities just as accurately as larger products. All Bizerba scales have one thing in common and that ... Read more

RCS Checkout Weigh Scales

Adding checkout weighing scales to your EPoS System can offer both retailers and customers many advantages. Staffs are able to weigh all loose goods which will reduce the risk of any errors. Avery and Bizerba scales are easily integrated into your existing EPoS terminal so information can be collected at the point of sale. One of the main advantages of these scales is that customers don’t have to worry about trying to use self-service scales themselves, Sales assistants can simply scan the desired ... Read more

Bizerba Weigh Scales are the Pin Point of Point of Sales

The retail sector is an extremely competitive market so it's absolutely crucial to provide your customers with a totally unique and pleasant shopping experience in return for their loyalty, and increasing your level of operational efficiency is the key to making your customers happy. Here at Retail Computer Solutions we believe that the retail scale is the pin point of the point of sale. It’s the scale's job is to support the operator during each and every sale situation, so it's important ... Read more