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Amazon Physical Store: All the best news collected here.

Amazon's Physical Book Shop is here. While it's not the first physical store they have built it's certainly causing a buzz in the media with a taste of irony. The launch of Amazon Books, as the store is called, comes alongside news that Google has reportedly abandoned plans to open its first U.S. retail store. However, the ironic part is that Amazon is the company charged with the destruction of the physical bookstore industry, but now they're building their own. Let's take a look ... Read more

All the Amazon Fire Phone News

[UPDATE: It seems the Amazon smartphone hasn't been anything for retailers to worry about as it's flopped.] Amazon has announced its first smartphone and it’s got some retailers worried. And that’s all because of its main attraction the Firefly app. Firefly is “an object-recognition technology that lets you snap a picture of virtually anything (or listen in on a song or television show) and buy it from Amazon immediately. The company says it can recognize 100 million different objects. Its goal is no less audacious ... Read more

Amazon wants to offer Kindle Checkout to your physical retail store

Following hot on the rumours of an Apple mobile point of sale system, Amazon plans to offer brick-and-motor retailers a checkout system that uses Kindle Tablets. The Wall Street Journal reports that such a project would not only grant Amazon a presence in the physical world but also access to even more consumer spending habits. This would further solidify their position as the largest U.S. eCommerce merchant. However, it might not be as smooth an operation as Amazon would hope for. Square, ... Read more

This study uncovers how retailers can beat Amazon

Amazon is winning the war in-store but through their showrooming study Parago have uncovered how retailers can beat Amazon; by matching e-tailer prices with rebates. “Sophisticated e-tailers are using dynamic pricing models, which are real-time price adjustments based on market demands, consumer behaviors, competitive insights and other data centric factors, coupled with the explosion of smartphones to steal customers while they are shopping in store.” (Dynaic Pricing Report, Parago, 2013) In other words, many shoppers visit a bricks-and-mortar store, view a product ... Read more