Restaurant PoS System

The RCS EPoS system for Restaurants is simple, easy to use and will provide your staff with a powerful tool for serving customers. Not only that it will empower you to better understand your business and customers by delivering accurate reports and analytics.

  • Easy to use
  • Stock management
  • Powerful reports and analytics
  • Full table service
  • Staff scheduling and management

The Benefits Include

  • Never running out of stock as the stock manager will tell you when you’re running low on an item and need to reorder it.
  • Understanding which products are selling the best and also which are not.

Full Table Service

Our restaurant PoS software comes with a full table service module.

This module takes the layout of your restaurant and provides a visual guide to which tables are free and which tables are taken. You can also view each table to see what items have been ordered.

It works on hand held devices too!

If you’d like your front of house staff to be able to manage tables directly from the system then an iPad or similar tablet can be used to display the table layout map. Added to that they can also take orders and input them into the tablet which will then update the restaurant software with the order.