Free Loyalty Module Upgrade

with every Retail System ordered before July 31st 2016.

Do you find it hard to keep track of your best and most loyal customers?

Would you like to encourage them to spend more and also know what they like to buy?

The RCS Customer Loyalty and CRM module captures customer transaction details allowing you to create a host of reports identifying trends. So that you know which products are popular and what to promote.

You can also use the system to create mail merges or email marketing based on the data you’ve gathered so that customers receive personalised, relevant promotions that encourages them to spend more with you.

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About The Offer

With every retail system ordered before the 31st July 2016 you’ll receive a free Loyalty Module upgrade.

It doesn’t matter if you only need 1 terminal or 100, the module upgrade works across the whole system – it can even work for a multi-site business.

Save Time

  • Process transactions up to 60% faster – than traditional keyboard POS systems
  • Accurate stock and inventory recording – gives back up to 30% of time that would be wasted checking stock levels.
  • Quick Purchase Buttons – speed up sales of non-barcoded items

Save Effort

  • VAT and non-VAT products sales auto recorded
  • Stock takes are more efficient – as they can be carried out on a rolling cycle throughout the year
  • Quickly identify best sellers/worst sellers – and eliminate stock that is not selling well

Save Money

  • Reduce till errors by new or temporary staff
  • Apply accurate pricing across all tills and stores
  • Reduce stock holding by at least 25% – and free up capital with inventory demand reporting.