Manage Your Warehouse Efficiently With RCS’s Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management is usually every company’s biggest headache; endless corridors, numerous zones, products often found in places where they are not supposed to be, continuous changes in stock, intakes…

Every warehouse manager does their best to use all available space and resources efficiently however mistakes and inaccurate data entry is common.

And they can cost thousands of pounds to your business.

That’s why RCS have developed a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that is tailored to your warehouse manager’s needs. The WMS is designed to control either single or multiple warehouse facilities. Depending on which sector your business operates in you might divide warehouse sectors into zones or bins or racks; the Warehouse Management System can help you make the most of the available space and staff and locate your merchandise quickly and easily (even when it is stored in multiple bins)!

The daily schedule is always hectic around a warehouse: order processing, stock intake and stock deliveries are only a few procedures that form the spine of a warehouse’s management. Our Warehouse Management System is fully integrated with the Purchasing and Goods Receipt Invoice Matching modules, allowing the processing of receipts into the warehouse and the automatic posting of the GRN (Goods Receipt Note) for subsequent matching against the Suppliers Invoice.

In addition to the above, the Warehouse Management System features include Receipt of Inventory Scheduling and, optionally, Receipt and Putaway of Inventory. Regarding stock control features include Return of Stock to Supplier, Stock Locations, Stock Audit Ledger, Inter-Warehouse Movement of Stock and Stock-Take and Audit facilities. The Warehouse Management System also features Store Deliveries (Picking Lists, Dispatch & Store Charging), Multi Bin Inventory Control, Warehouse Mapping, Shelf Life Control, Pick face Replenishment, Labour Performance Reporting and Service Level Reporting functions that help you stay up-to-date constantly and maintain control over the daily routine of the warehouse. Last but not least, operating a warehouse requires suitable hardware equipment. The Warehouse Management System features Hand Held Terminals (Picking, Inventory Counts etc.) and Radio Frequency Hand Held or TruckMounted Terminals in order to make procedures quicker and more accurate.

If the time has come to put some order in your warehouse and make the most of it, then it’s time to look further into our Warehouse Management System! For more information please contact one of our experts today or visit our website –

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