Increase your Sales With an RCS Customer Loyalty & CRM System

In a retail market that’s constantly galloping forward, using every bit of new technologies and trying to benefit from even the slightest change in consumers’ needs and common perceptions, it might seem crazy to support that the old-fashioned idea of “customer loyalty” is the core of a retailer’s success. But it is! Lots of things have changed during the last few decades but one has remained the same: customers need to trust a brand in order to embrace and stay loyal to it. It’s hard to imagine building valuable personal relationships with your customers in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, especially if you run a multi-store retail chain. Fortunately, that’s where EPoS systems step in.

Here at RCS we know that every retailer’s most valuable possession is his client base. Our Customer Loyalty & CRM System is designed to help you collect sufficient information about each customer and use it efficiently by running marketing activities or implementing a reward policy. The system interfaces into the RCS EPoS system, making it so easy to complete a transaction and register a customer’s details at the same time. In addition to that, our systems are extremely user-friendly so you don’t have to worry about your staff not being able to operate them or needing to take long hours of training, falling back on their everyday tasks.

Our Customer Loyalty Program helps you capture your customers’ details and keep your database up-to-date at all times since every purchase made by a customer who is already registered in the Customer Loyalty Programme is captured on the RCS EPoS System and automatically updated onto the Customer Loyalty System. You can use the information to design and apply a reward policy. Special offers and promotional discounts might help you see a small rise in your sales but that isn’t permanent; what you want is to constantly expand your clientele with your pricing policy but keep your existing customers satisfied (and willing to come back for more)!

The CRM System is a valuable complement to the Customer Loyalty Program, since it helps you set up individual Customer Profiles where you can store data regarding their personal details and their buying patterns and preferences; this is valuable information that you can use to urge them to spend more by designing specific marketing promotions or campaigns and address them to the right target audience.

There is so much you can do with our Customer Loyalty & CRM System! So don’t hesitate to contact us and talk to one of our experts. For more information on what RCS can do for your business, please visit our website –

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