How Your Fashion Retail Business Can Benefit from an EPoS System

The fashion industry has always been one of the most active and fast-moving sectors in the local and international market. No two days are ever the same if you’re in the fashion business and a fashion retailer’s daily routine, whether he is just a local or a multi-store retailer, is always busy. That is why if you run a fashion store you should consider integrating an EPoS system with your business.

A fashion retail store is one of the busiest commercial environments; stocktaking, registering numerous items in different sizes and colours, staff arranging items on the shelves or in storage, clients trying on clothes or coming to you with special requests… It’s really difficult to keep track of your available stock or the pending orders unless you use an EPoS system. RCS have been designing and developing EPoS solutions for retailers for more than twenty years and we know that time is crucial to you; our software and hardware solutions minimise the time you need to go through stocktaking and leave no room for mistakes. And you can always be aware of stock availability thanks to inventory controls that update the database as soon as an item is received or sold.

Our EPoS systems give you the opportunity to have a detailed map of your business’s activities; from ordering and VAT summaries to staff performance and most popular items, you can schedule and customise the system’s reports to get the information you need. In addition to that we can help you design a comprehensive EPoS solution that includes our Warehouse Management System, the Retail Head Office Management System, the Customer Loyalty & CRM System, our E-Commerce Solution and all the necessary EPoS hardware and peripherals depending on your specific needs!

Your clients are always looking for great products and great service; your area of expertise is to offer them the former, ours is to help you provide niche services! So, please get in touch with RCS to discuss your options or visit our website for more information –

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