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Christmas adverts: When do they start? (with videos)

2014's Christmas adverts start this weekend! Here are the list of retailer's and their advert start date that we know about. (more…) Read more

The great list of Christmas advice for retailers. Over 20 articles!

Get ready for Christmas (more…) Read more

When do most people start shopping for Christmas?

This infographic from Yesmail Interactive shows which months people start shopping for Christmas along with how much they are planning to spend and on whom. It's a great insight into when to promote your Christmas stock, services and gifts. (more…) Read more

Have you missed these 10 popular retail articles from 2014?

2014 has been an interesting year for retail and here are 10 of our most popular retail articles this year. (more…) Read more

Delivery delays can make you more popular with your customers. But, you need to know how.

There’s something stupid about delivery delays. We’ve all been there. Sat at home, waiting. Hoping the delivery van will arrive early so you don’t have to sit around until 9pm. But, it’s infuriating to find out your order won’t be delivered on time - especially if you've taken time off work. Or maybe it’s not even a product your waiting for. Imagine that you’ve planned a family lunch out at your favourite restaurant. You’ve been excited for this all week but you turn up to discover ... Read more

The ultimate guide to setting price and position for greater profit by The Retail Champion

Understanding where your retail business is positioned in the marketplace and what prices you should charge can be quite a daunting task. Clare Rayner, The Retail Champion, has written 3 really great articles that form an ultimate guide to positioning your business and how to set your prices. Positioning image by Brian Talbot In her article “Price, Promotions and Positioning…” Clare talks about 4 key areas that determine your business’ position. The core principal is that each area can be either an “up ... Read more

This is one way to keep customers returning to your shop

Offering a customer loyalty scheme is the perfect way to get customers returning through your door on a regular basis and the great thing about loyalty schemes is that they can be applied to any business sector. So it doesn't matter if you run a 1 till convenience store or a chain of Garden Centres with multiple tills - a loyalty scheme will work in your business. (more…) Read more

Wet, muddy fingers are no issue when you buy this EPoS Terminal

Do you work in an environment where your hands get muddy, wet or dirty but you also have to serve customers and operate an EPoS system? You might be a butcher, fish monger, work in a garden centre or a similar profession. This week I’ve been wandering the UK Business Forums helping answer questions from business owners about EPoS and their shops. It was in one of these topics that a forum member, who owns a garden centre, made the following comment: Probably ... Read more

Leave None Behind: How to know your staff are safe in an emergency

On May 15th 2014 at 3pm staff were evacuated when a fire started at a factory in Australia producing smoke grenades and flares for the defence industry. 5 Fire Trucks were called to tackle the fire. A CFA (Country Fire Authority) Operations Officer reported “It was pretty innocuous really, but we took the precautions that were necessary given the nature of the business, and the company was very well drilled in terms of its procedures, which helped.” If this was your business would the CFA ... Read more

Dare to be different? Amazing shopping bag designs your customers will love.

It doesn’t take market research or online surveys to know that reusable shopping bags are becoming more popular as people want to do their bit for the environment. However, most supermarkets and shops play it safe when designing their bags so here are creative, and sometimes outrageous, designs for shopping bags that we’ve collected for inspiration. Do you dare to be different? Keep the bag clean Just before we get onto the inspiration for new bag designs it’s worth noting that the University of Arizona ... Read more
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