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On Display: The future of retail according to shoppers

Despite globally embracing online retail, shoppers still believe there will be room for their favourite brick-and-mortar shops in the future. In fact, a new survey reveals shoppers are ready for a more integrated omnichannel experience where they can interact with their favourite brands and businesses offline, online and on the go. They want to have the same brand experience where ever they interact with you and they want it to be personalised. Here's an infographic about the future of retail according to ... Read more

Introducing The Farm Shop’s Guide to Retail Systems

The Farm Shop's Guide to Retail Systems is a collection of articles that have been published to the Retail Computer Solutions website and are taken from over 25 years of experience serving retailers; Specifically farm shops, delicatessens and butchers. The aim of this guide is to provide a useful and practical guide for farm shop owners who’d like to learn more about retail systems and how it will benefit their business. And, by taking putting these articles in one place it makes ... Read more

Ikea is positioned to dominate consumer electronics

You may think that moving into consumer electronics would be a huge change in direction for the giant furnishing retailer but really it’s a logical next step. By now we’re all used to the retail experience of many consumer electronic stores. From Apple’s sleek tables of iPads, iPhones and iMacs to the aisles of Currys’ TVs, Laptops, Cameras and white goods. These stores display individual products in category groups but AT&T say they’ve got it all wrong. Is this the 'new' mantra for ... Read more

The self-sufficient 1 acre homestead: USA vs Costa Rica

I first fell in love with the idea of running my own homestead when reading an article on Mother Earth News. This article detailed how to run a self-sufficient 1 acre homestead on just one acre of land. Unfortunately when I later returned to Mother Earth News the site redirected to a 403 – forbidden. (Ed: It seems the article is back online.) Thankfully the article has been reposted on Food Freedom here. With the farm shop revolution on the rise more people ... Read more