Add the Latest Design and PoS Technology to Your Retail Business With RCS and AURES EPoS Solutions

Integrating the latest PoS technology with your retail or wholesale business is essential nowadays, if you are looking to expand your client base and increase your profits. It goes without saying that the first step is assessing your business’s needs, prior to ordering EPoS for your company. RCS have 24 years of experience in designing and developing Total EPoS solutions for the retail industry and can help you evaluate your needs, through our Retail Consultancy program.

Another critical aspect of installing a new EPoS system to your business, butone that many retailers tend to leave aside is… design. EPoS hardware equipment is visible to your customers at all times, and given the importance of providing a friendly environment for your clients you should take design into consideration; imagine PoS hardware as another in-store showcase… only a functional one as well!

Here at RCS we always keep up to date with the latest technology and deliver the best results to our clients. RCS are proud distributors of the leading hardware manufacturers, ensuring that every business is equipped with fast, effective hardware systems. Through our collaboration with AURES we have been able to provide the market with quality, efficient and modern Touch Screen EPoS solutions.

The AURES Posligne products are a must-have for every modern retailer, especially those in the fashion retail industry, since they feature the latest tech capabilities in the form of colourful, gently curved and user-friendly terminals. The AURES Posligne concept is simple but brilliant: modern retailers not only need the latest technology and high-end technology features but also a strong visual identity to go along with them. That’s why the long neglected features of IT products, such as design or ergonomics, have become a strong focus for AURES.

The latest addition to their range is the AURE Sango, a stunning, new EPoS terminal that integrates innovative technological and design features. Based on the basic rules of stunning simplicity, the AURES Sango is a robust, made from the highest quality materials, state-of-the-art EPoS solution.

If you want to find out more about RCS’s range of EPoS hardware solutions and how you can integrate our Total EPoS solutions with your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today or visit our website – .

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